The quest for perfect equilibrium between man and weapon;

is what drives our living passion to discover and develop the living talent in every shooter. It's why we do what we do.

Corporate Social Involvement

Our mission  here is simple. Create opportunity for those who are willing to learn, willing to work and determined to become a productive member of their community.

We support those who work in public service and maintain a special interest in young people.

As a newly-established company we don’t have money to throw at handouts, and so we have chosen to make our contribution in labour. We willingly provide our expert time and resources at no charge to teach selected people to use weapons and to enhance weapon skills of experienced shooters.

Our first CSI interventions will be local and focused on South African Police Services and local schools, where children of a suitably mature age will be exposed to the principles of safe gun handling and marksmanship using airguns.