The quest for perfect equilibrium between man and weapon;

is what drives our living passion to discover and develop the living talent in every shooter. It's why we do what we do.

Programs and Courses

We recognise that your benchmark of best is a statement that matches your personal target. Our universal programs offer experienced shooters a choice of lessons to focus on specific skill development. Novice shooters, or those who wish to take a fresh look at where they are, are presented with the option of a comprehensive personal evaluation, driving towards the development of a tailored program. e5

  • The most critical action that we perform before you squeeze the trigger is a thorough personal evaluation. We know that you are an individual with a unique set of powers – and aspirations, so our interview is how we develop a roadmap to mentor and coach you to where you want to be.

  • With your interview results in we’ll work through our standard training choices to see if you can fit into a regular training regime, or if your objectives and starting point need a more personalized approach.

  • With the specific focus areas and duration of your program outlined can move ahead. The fun starts as we mentor and coach you through your package – it’s when you get to spend time shooting and building confidence.

  • Regular training is supplemented by specialist instructors at various levels – we don’t have to be psychologists to help you hone your mental attitude to shooting – all we need to do is understand what you require to reach your goals, and use our experience to help you arrive there.

  • We use video to develop your baseline and show how you’re adjusting session on session. To reinforce your learning, we follow real time feedback behind the trigger with written reports, laying out a custom off-range practice schedule for you.

  • As you approach the end of your plan, we’ll make use of international standards exercises so that you can gauge your personal achievement against shooters of similar levels. The finish line is reached in your final practical evaluation – centered on what you wanted to achieve at the start.

  • When we issue a certificate of achievement it’s a statement of fact – and a qualification to be proud of.
  • Programs and Courses Offered
    Legal Compliance Training and Qualification
    Handgun Programs
    Shotgun Programs
    Manually Operated Rifle Programs
    Self-Loading Rifle Programs
    Family and Youth Programs