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is what drives our living passion to discover and develop the living talent in every shooter. It's why we do what we do.

Family and Youth Program

Every firearm owner will, at some point, come into contact with children in a social environment. All gun owners and especially those who are also parents must not only practice good firearm safety in their handling of firearms, but also be aware of appropriate practices in storing firearms and ammunition in their own homes.

The material is suitable for all, including appropriately supervised, mature children of 8 years and older. The program commences with the basics of home firearms safety and will address the following.

Phase 1 (Morning)

  • General Safety Rules.
  • Proper handling and storage of firearms in the home.
  • Ammunition Storage.
  • How to identify various firearms that may be in the home.
  • How to make sure a firearm is unloaded.
  • The correct method to introduce your children to firearms.
  • Phase 2 (Afternoon)

  • Rules for safe gun handling.
  • Introduction to handgun, rifle and shotgun parts and operation.
  • Ammunition identification.
  • Shooting fundamentals.
  • Range rules.
  • Basic firearm operation techniques (limited to one of handgun or rifle or shotgun).
  • Cleaning your firearm.
  • Continued opportunities for skill development.
  • Equipment

  • If you do not own a firearm the academy has available for hire.
  • If using your own firearm, please arrive with it unloaded and bring your original license.
  • Ammunition - 30 cartridges for each person - bring your own or we can supply.
  • Eye and ear protection. (Industrial type earplugs are not adequate).
  • Practical and comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Range time, targets and certificate included in fee.
  • Course fees, calendar and bookings.

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