The quest for perfect equilibrium between man and weapon;

is what drives our living passion to discover and develop the living talent in every shooter. It's why we do what we do.

Man has been using weapons for hunting and self defense for about 500 000 years. The modern firearm is simply a technological improvement on the tools used so long ago. And the notion of defense is what underlies our training.

Law abiding citizens will acquire weapons for three basic reasons; hunting, sport shooting and self defense. Every program commences with safety and basic defensive shooting techniques. Shooters that want to develop new skills can choose from a range of advanced courses in our defensive firearm and advanced sport shooting series.

Get trained . Be ready to defend yourself. It’s your right!

The core of our approach is simply known as e5 - it's how we do it.

e5Your shooting will be a mirror of your persona - a representation of the 5 powers that you show up with. We define them as Mindset, Skill, Capacity, Knowledge and Balance.

It doesn't matter if you are a champion or a novice shooter - these 5 elements will determine the equilibrium between you and your weapon in a given set of circumstances.

We will evaluate each - in relation to where you are and what your shooting goal is. This is the foundation of our approach to mentoring and coaching.

Take the first step in kick-starting the change you want to see in your shooting. Choose Zero Points Down.