The quest for perfect equilibrium between man and weapon;

is what drives our living passion to discover and develop the living talent in every shooter. It's why we do what we do.

Manually Operated Rifle Programs

People are used to steps of progression. From junior school we are taught to appreciate the difference between and compare good with better, and better with best. This is the philosophy that guides our approach to training – in every discipline. Easy to visualize. Our programs start off with Essential, progress to Sport Shooter and peak with Competition Shooter. Whether you choose just one, such as rifle or desire to learn all small arms, you’re guaranteed a learning experience to match your aspirations.

Essential Bolt Action (Manual) Rifle

This is the point where our dynamic e5 program is first introduced. It’s an experience designed to bring the licensed firearm owner to a new level. We focus on developing an equilibrium around power, speed and accuracy, adding a number of skills not taught in Legal Compliance & Qualification. 

The framework for manual rifle embraces the 7 fundamentals of marksmanship, starting with stance and concluding with follow-through after the shot. Each skill is practiced in logical sequence within the framework of safe and competent firearm handling.
The program includes

  • Discussion on rifle and caliber choices
  • Safety, chamber checking, loading and unloading
  • Ammunition fit for purpose
  • Carry positions – hunting and range etiquette
  • The 4-point platform
  • Bipods and slings
  • Firing positions for desired outcomes
  • Choosing and using optical sights – including mounting and zero
  • Understanding and perfecting sight alignment and picture
  • Trigger discipline and breathing
  • Wind
  • Mathematical and optical ballistic solutions
  • Load development
  • Dry fire practice regime
  • Care and Preventive maintenance
  • To assist your ongoing skill improvement we teach you the foundation of an effective practice regime to apply at home. Personal equipment choices and applications are also discussed and you will receive professional advice tailored to match your expected application. There is no competitive element on this course – we move at the pace of the newest student. In this 1-day program you’ll spend more time on the range than in the classroom and by the end of the course, you will leave with a new set of skills and a clear idea of your new practice regime.
    Course Fee R1500.00 over 2 days – or one day. (minimum of three students on course).
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    What to bring with you for the course
    You will need 100 rounds of factory produced ammunition. Suitable clothing, a cap or sunhat, closed shoes, ear and eye protection, and a suitable sling on your rifle. (contact us for advice if you’re going to purchase these items for the course). If you are using your own rifle please arrive with it UNLOADED, in a bag or carry case. Please ensure that you have a valid firearm licence for your rifle. ZPD can arrange rifles for rental during training – please notify us in advance to request a quote for this service.

    Prerequisite: SAPS CFR competency. Exception made for young shooters who do not yet qualify for their own SAPS competency.

    Travel and accommodation
    Our primary course venue is on a private range in Touwsrivier – distance 185km from Cape Town.
    If you’re coming in from out of town there is convenient and comfortable accommodation available at the range. Click here for other accommodation in the area.

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